Your Dollar Is Your Voice

Business has changed. The status quo for business planning & operations is ten times faster than that of our grandparents age. This is great for economics as a whole, but can leave some long-lasting scars if not tended to appropriately and with intention. In a world where you can setup a business in less than a day, it is important to make sure we are not lagging in our moral compasses. When business is moving at the speed of light, a decision that is misaligned and greedily executed may bring failure down the road, or even worse, an overall mistrust in commerce for everyone in general.  Remembering to remain present while moving forward with our business conductings as well as our purchases will help us to realign our actions towards positively effecting our planet. Your dollar is your voice and your purchase does impact the design of our future.

Choose Sustainably


Photo by: Stefano Boeri Architetti