Resonate With What You Wear

We love gems, jewels & crystals! Who doesn't love a great earthy mineral? There is something primal and visceral about their natural beauty. They can add energy to your day, get you through turbulent situations and can even help power the cell phone you are reading this on. It has been said, "You never pick a crystal, it picks you" that is how most of us find our overall style - WE are called to IT. We can't explain why, but we know we vibe with a certain look or sound or taste. Our fashion reflects our inner self - that inner voice that we know makes some decisions for us while we are asleep at the wheel ;)

This "calling" has an interesting byproduct - TRENDS. Trends are a collective, intuitive attraction to certain things and concepts. They can be quite fun to explore (for us stats nerds). While studying trends one gets to peek into a larger perspective of humanity. A birds-eye into the overarching behavior patterns of a culture or society, if you will. Popular fashion is fun because it can be expressive and unique. Below are some of this Autumn's trends in the wearable crystals realm. 

When picking your crystals here are some things to note. We looked at the most popular crystals and some not so popular to see which ones are trendy right now. Hope you enjoy it.

Jade - Top of the list for the past few years now - jade (green) helps you to inspire passion in constructive ways and is great for helping to fix combativeness in relationships. It's been called the 'personality stabilizer' Resonating with the heart chakra it makes a perfect necklace. Once again Jade takes the cake when it comes to people's desire (at least for our list).

Turquoise - Known as the Spirit & Body healer. It also is said to aid in building the communicative bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. We all want to have seamlessness and overlap of our 2 worlds, Turquoise is the stone to keep you balanced and remains at the top of the list for the past few years.

Quartz - We all know that quartz is the penny of the mineral world. And thankfully because it is the most healing and energetically boosting crystal on Gaia. The reason is because of it's helical spiral structure. A nice piece of quartz is classic as far as fashion goes as well. If you haven't heard; here are all sorts of treatments for quartz - metal treatments for example are a cool concept. Quartz is high in the minds of the people so, as expected, same in the trends (as always :)

Selenite - Named after the goddess Selene from ancient Greece, it is know as the emotional healer. Selenite can be great for meditation and clarity. If you didn't know, selenite is water soluble and charged by lunar energy. Leave your crystals out during the full moon to collect that months frequency and keep it for when you need a pick-me-up (if it was a good month). 

Citrine - Mind revitalizing and fear expelling. When you drop fear, true wisdom can make room to express itself. Citrine is also known for bringing energy to the physical body. Who needs Redbull when you can energize Mother Nature style! As far as the trends go... citrine is on the low end of the searched totem pole, but not low in energetics. 

Up and Comers:

Azeztulite - The Crystal Bible* calls this 'a stone for the New Age' Azeztulite is one of the rarest minerals, so far it is only mined out of North Carolina. It has a very high frequency and is very keen on helping with accelerating one's spiritual growth. We place this high on the desirability trend but low on the 'have heard of it' shelf. So if you want something very unique and powerful... We definitely recommend azeztulite.

Moldavite - This was formed when a large meteorite collided with Earth. So it is of extraterrestrial origin. Really pretty green and translucent it almost looks 

Remember, you are a unique and beautiful unicorn and should only keep up with trends in order to decide if it resonates with your internal inspiration. Sometimes trends resonate with the way we want to present ourselves, sometimes... they don't. But you never know until you know :)

Keep Vibrating



* Judy Hall does a great job with this book. It really drills into the energetics of each crystal.