• Trilogy Sanctuary's 14 Mushroom Elixir

    If one is taking a product to improve their health, why would they settle for a substandard product? The answer is, you wouldn't. Read through all of the amazing ingredients in this 100% Organic 14 Mushroom Elixir and each of their benefits below (as well as all of the scientific research sourci... View Post
  • You don’t have to be a hardened environmental activist to realize this is a mess

    This WAS all too true. But it is absolutely changing. People have been demanding more conscientious manufacturing and it has been happening!  You see, we had made the mistake of assuming that our lifestyle can be & is disposable. That may mean that we spend less for our style, but it costs us heaps in other areas of life.  View Post
  • Resonate With What You Wear

    "You never pick a crystal, it picks you" that is how most of us find our overall style - WE are called to IT. We can't explain why, but we know we vibe with a certain look or sound or taste... View Post